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General Tools

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DeWalt Compressor

I have had this compressor for over 2 years, and it is still going strong.


This is all you need if you are just blowing out pads and interiors. I do not use any pneumatic air tools, so for my mobile rig I do not need a huge compressor with more power. Also, it is compact and easy to carry around, plus it is not that loud when it is running that will lose your hearing. If you still want to give your ears some protection, I recommend these Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Flexzilla Air Hose

There are so many different types of air hoses out there and each of them will promise you the moon.


I have found that this one checks all the boxes that I need to get the job done. I am not promising you it will last forever, but it’s cheap enough for me to just replace it when the times comes with another one. The one I have has already lasted me over a year, which means it has paid for itself multiple times. It works, that is all you need a tool to do: work.

Tornador Blow Out Tool

This blow out tool has changed my detailing completely and that is not an exaggeration. I am not going to try to explain to you why this is more powerful and more efficient than your run-of-the-mill straight nose air blow out tool, but it is.


Once I started to use this with my DeWalt compressor, the affect was as if I had a much larger compressor with more output. It is amazing for blowing out interiors, pads, etc. They are well built and are ergonomic to hold and use.


Only con: boy is it loud (so wear that ear protection). Besides that, awesome little tool that I can’t detail without.

Spray Bottle Caddy

This does exactly what I need it to do: hold all my chemical bottles safely and securely. Another thing it does is force me to stay focused and simple with my detailing products, since you can only fit so many 16 oz spray bottles in here (link to empty spray bottles).


They are well built and get take a beating, I still have my original one that is now going 4 years strong. Speaking of 16 oz spray bottles, I personally will not do over 4-5 cars in a day which means I do not need to be carrying around 32 oz spray bottles. For me, they are overkill and too heavy to lug around. Instead, if you feel like you are going to run out of a certain product, bring the gallon with you and refill these, which is more efficient in my opinion.

Ridgid Vacuum

I absolutely love this vacuum. It has been very reliable over the years and I don’t see the need to buy a different one.


Inexpensive, yet very well built and a great overall vacuum. Easy to empty, the wheels make it easy to drag around the car, and it even has a blowing function if you wanted to use it for that.


Are there bigger, more powerful vacuums out there? Yes, but for me this one is more than enough and will not disappoint.

Replacement Filter for Ridgid Vacuum

Replacement filters. Easy to remove, easy to install. Even comes with a cleaning tool.

Ridgid Vacuum Accessories

You may notice the hose that comes with the ridged vacuum can be too short at times, and you never want to be dragging the vacuum hose against the door frame, scuffing up your paint in the process.


This kit comes with a longer hose and everything you’ll need to vacuum an interior easily.

Dupray Steamer

I have used a couple of different steamers over the years and this one has been my favorite by far. Very simple interface, straightforward, and the steam it generates is excellent.


Dupray is a great brand with quality tools and this one is no different. The one I have, has been in service with me for over 2 years and it has never given me any issues. If you want to take your interior detailing to the next level, pick up this steamer and be amazed and what it will be able to cleanse.

DeWalt Tool Box

I use this chest for many items, but specifically to house all of my polishing pads, from 1” to 5” pads in the bottom section.


The tray that comes with it and lays on top I use to hold some other miscellaneous tools like razor blades, brushes, etc. Very useful too chest with lots of different uses. It helps me stay organized and therefore, more efficient on the job.

Milwaukee Drill and Driver Combo

“Work smarter, not harder.”


This proves true in detailing as well, especially when it comes to scrubbing carpets and floor mats. That is where these drills come into the picture.


They are compact so easy to take around and the battery life is excellent, not dying on you halfway through a detail.


These are also all-around great tools that are good to have around the house. “Two birds, one stone…”

VENOM Steel Disposable Gloves

These rip resistant, disposable, industrial grade, nitrile gloves have double the layers which means extra protection when you’re busy detailing your vehicle to perfection without having to change out your gloves so often. Get more done with less gloves.


The fingertips are textured for enhanced grip and control. Latex and powder free.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Cancelling Headphones

I have used Airpods, Airpods Pro, and none of the compare to the sound quality and true noise cancellation of these headphones.


Detailing is a noisy job. From the vacuum, the compressor, and the polisher, you are exposed to constant noise throughout a detail. Using these can protect your hearing and you will be thankful for that in the future. Once again, they are a little expensive, but worth the investment if it means not losing your hearing over time.

Sony Headphones
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