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Pressure Washing

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Karcher Pressure Washing

This pressure washer is the best bang for the buck that I have found. It has a great amount of pressure for the small size that it is. It also comes with wheels so you can pull it around the car as needed. It also lasts forever, so you can purchase with confidence.

Pressure Washer

MTM Foam Cannon

This is a classic case of just saving money by purchasing what has been tried and true. The MTM Foam Cannon is that product as far as foam cannons are concerned. If you regularly maintain it and clean it out after each use, it will last you a long time and will pay for itself in time.

Big IK Foam Sprayer

If you want a pressurized foam without the use of multiple tools, this pump sprayer is the best one available. Large capacity, multiple attachments and easy use; it’s the complete package


These are pretty straight forward, and you’ll need at least 3 of them: 1) Wash 2) Rinse 3) Wheels. You’ll notice that these are not 5 gallons, only 4.5 and to me that is alright because to wash one car you really do not need or want to be carrying around the car these full buckets of water. Also, when you store them stacked on each other, they do not take up as much space.


I would suggest getting labels in order to differentiate which bucket is for what since you would not want to put your wash media into your wheel bucket and then take it to your paint. These have worked for me for quite some time and I am happy with them.

Bucket Guard

Just like you got 3 buckets, you will need 3 bucket guards. These do exactly as the name implies: guard your bucket. What are they guarding it from? Well, believe it or not, every time you wipe your car during the wash period with your wash media of choice and you come back to your bucket for another dunk, there is dirt that has now been transferred to said bucket. This is where the “Two-Bucket System” comes into play (if you aren’t sure about this, feel free to YouTube it). The principle is that the bucket guards help keep the dirt and grime at the bottom of the bucket, away from your wash media so that we you come back to it for another dunk, you are not reintroducing said dirt back into the cloth and back over to your paint. Trust me, it works.

P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo

My favorite soap to date. Smells great, foams great when using the foam cannon, and is very slick which allows your wash media to glide across with ease.


Being a mobile detailer, how a shampoo reacts in the sunlight is very important to me and this soap is the best I have used. It will not flash onto the car and even if it were to dry, a quick rinse off with a pressure washer takes it right off. You will be very happy with this soap, I know I am.

Auto Shampoo
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