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Interior Products

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Meguair's Quik Interior Detailer

Interior products are very straight forward, and to find one that works on just about every surface you can find in your interior is hard to come by. This is the one. If you are only removing dust or fingerprints, something you should do at least twice a week, this is all you need. Enough said.

Quik Interior Detailer

P&S Tarminator

This is the most effective cloth and carpet cleaner that I have used. A little goes a long way as well. Spray on the affected area, use a brush to agitate, and mop up with a microfiber towel.

That is all you need to know.

Plastic Deep Cleaner

The name says it all. If you like to go to the beach, wear lots of sunscreen, and have black leather you need this product.


This is a very strong product, only use when you absolutely need to. It can remove very stubborn marks and stains, especially from leather, steering wheels, high touch areas, you name it. One bottle will do the job for 2-3 cars, for everything else use Quik Interior Cleaner.

Plastic Deep Cleaner

Gtechniq Glass Cleaner

Glass can make or break your car cleaning process. You can have spotless paint and a dust/crumb free interior, but if you turn into the sun and see a smudge or smear in your glass, that is all that matters.


In order to get the glass clean, it starts at the microfiber level (see Microfiber Towels page) then it comes down to the chemical in question. This glass cleaner really surprised me. Even the worst of streaks, this glass cleaner really cuts through and leaves a streak free finish.

Glass Cleaner

OdoBan Disinfectant

We did a job for Porsche and we were asked to specifically use this product to disinfect their interiors during an event. It smells great, is highly dilutable, and is fool proof.


This would be a step behind Quik Interior Cleaner, and two steps behind Plastic Deep Cleaner.


The selling point I believe for this product is that it is meant to be a disinfectant, so if someone was sick in your car or you were feeling under the weather after a drive, go back to your car and wipe it down with this to be safe.

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